The Great Lakes' Impact on Irma

September 2017 News

The overcast weather may bum you out, not being able to take your boat out, but the low pressure system moving over the Great Lakes could be affecting much more than your weekend boating plans.

Reportedly, the air in the Great Lakes could be an influential factor in where Hurricane Irma goes. The low pressure in the Great Lakes region and the high pressure area in the Ohio Valley will build over Irma and impact its direction and destination.

These two pressure systems in the north were predicted to determine whether the storm would miss the U.S. or run straight into it. While it has now become apparent that the hurricane’s path will go up through Florida, where it will go from there is still unknown. In the past, hurricanes have sent weaker storms a significant distance northward.

It might be a while before you can take your boat out for a spin, because this storm could quite literally be raining on your parade, too. 

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