Hooked on Lifejackets

June 2017 Multimedia, News, Feature

With the immense popularity of fishing, it only stands to reason that boating-related fatalities among recreational anglers constitutes a significant portion of the average 130 drownings recorded each year.

Unfortunately those who fish often don’t consider themselves as boaters and, as such, boating and boating safety often take second place to the primary purpose of being on the water….to fish. This mindset also makes those who fish a difficult audience to reach with boating safety messages.

The Canadian Safe Boating Council has taken up this challenge and, during National Fishing Week, will kick-off a program called “Hooked on Lifejackets”. This initiative will focus on promoting the most basic of safe boating behaviours and one that has the greatest potential to save lives…wearing a lifejacket.

Check out more videos from this program at the link below.


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